Are you ready for 2020? I know I am. While each year feels like a fresh start, the beginning of a new decade has this feeling of entering a new phase of life. I have big plans and when I think about what I can accomplish in the next 10 years, I get excited. With that being said, I thought I’d take a look back over everything that happened in the last decade.

2019: Traveled a lot — Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Denver, Cancun, multiple trips to New Jersey and Philadelphia, and sourcing all the shop supplies from all over the world.

2018: Celebrated my 30th birthday in Las Vegas, renewed our vows at a castle in Scotland, opened our retail store Azonia, and went to Punta Cana for the first time.

2017: Launched Legally Empowered, went back to working for an old employer, and got promoted to Director.

2016: Left the law firm to start my own practice, started working with artists and entrepreneurs, got admitted to the tax court bar.

2015: Brought Bella (the dog) home, graduated with my tax LL.M., and accepted a position at one of the biggest law firms in Maryland.

2014: Decided to go back to school for a tax LL.M. at the University of Baltimore, reentered lawyer life, and renewed our vows on the beach in Cancun.

2013: Bought a new car, took DJ to Paris for his 30th birthday and put our love lock on the Pont des Arts on the Seine.

2012: Worked in the marketing department for an online university, made handmade jewelry that was featuring in a gallery show, and went to London.

2011: Bought our first house, brought Olivia (the cat) home, graduated law school, took and passed the bar exam, had neurosurgery for my Chiari malformation, and started life as an attorney.

2010: Went to Paris for the first time and married the love of my life at a historic mansion in Frederick, Maryland.

It was a long, crazy, amazing decade. I can’t wait to see what the next one holds.